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    Achtung Panzer Book

    Achtung-Panzer! The book is produced in the style of the original German book , even down to the Author interviews, book reviews, editors' picks, and more. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Born in , Heinz Guderian served in World War One, This is one of the most significant military books of the twentieth century. By an outstanding soldier of independent mind, it pushed forward the. Achtung-Panzer! book. Read 40 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Heinz Guderian's most famous book is really about armored fighting.

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    The takeover of Austria does not go smoothly for Guderian. Many vehicles breakdown, supply for fuel and ammo is inconsistent a scene where Guderian has to threaten a lower ranking soldier who didnt get the proper orders , and the only maps anyone has are tourist brochures.

    Despite this, there is no ghting to be had as many Austrians welcome the German army with open arms. There, Hitler gives a speech to a roaring crowd who give the Nazi salute. Guderian cant help but see how so many people a group of young women crying at Hitlers feet are grateful to Hitler for saving them. However, Guderian is chastised for the slow movement of his troops by other generals. He defends himself vigorously, but obviously his ideas have not taken hold yet.

    Rumors begin to circulate that war is coming. While no reason is clearly dened, what IS clear is that Poland will be the rst target.

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    Guderian, despite looking to avoid war for industrial reasons , is looking forward to re-claiming the land where his family originated from. German troops begin to line the boarder of Poland. Guderian readies his troops while preparing his attack on Poland.

    After a slow start Guderian almost hit by his own artillery, tank commanders not going fast enough, and timid soldiers , German panzers begin to roll over Polish defenders with ease. A particularly gruesome scene where the Polish cavalry charge the panzers the result predictable demonstrates that a new era has arrived.

    During the campaign, it is learned that the Allies have declared war on Germany. World War Two has now ofcially begun. Hitler visits the front lines and Guderian shows him the success of the panzers.

    Achtung Panzer!

    Erin Rommel is there as well to see it. Guderians panzers nish off the Poles and Guderian meets with the Russians to discuss the proper boundaries as well as the German withdrawal from Russian sectors quicker than Guderian would like.

    With the Polish campaign over, Hitler praises all branches of the military with the exception of the Army. Guderian and others are astonished. Guderian then has a private meeting with Hitler where to discuss Hitlers private thoughts on the Army. Hitler is polite as can be but quietly disagrees with everything Guderian suggests.

    The episode ends with Guderian readying the troops during the winter break as they prepare the invasion of France.

    Franz must deal with a plethora of details when commanding his tank group. Supply, logistics, breakdowns, going too far, going too fast, planning ahead, dealing with contradictory orders, asshole superiors, and staying alive.

    While the job is prestigious, being a tank commander being in a tank at all! The episode ends with the French campaign going well but not over yet. The Allies are trapped at Dunkirk. Guderian rushes his tanks forward but gets a direct order from Hitler to stop. Guderian and others are astounded as the Allies escape. While Dunkirk is disappointing, theres no time for rest. Guderian rushes his troops south to sweep up the rest of the French army and then congratulating his troops on a historic victory.

    Guderian then celebrates with other generals, in high style, after the conclusion of the French campaign. This is to be short lived however. Hitler gives a speech to the top military personal Guderian included about the need to invade Russia.

    Guderian and others are skeptical about this as Russia is vastly larger than France and has a much harsher winter if Germany fails to meet her objectives. However, Guderian is a soldier. The episode ends with troops preparing to invade Russia. However, we the audience learn from Guderian that going south instead of trying to go for Moscow was a mistake as Germany has lost precious time before the Russian winter hits. Now Germany must rush towards Moscow in a race against winter. Progress is slow as Russian resistance builds up.

    A post-battle review reveals the new Russian T tank which is superior to any of Germanys current tanks.

    This could be a problem One night, as Guderian looks over his maps, a downpour begins. The next day men and vehicles struggle through the muddy roads.

    Despite this, Guderian keeps up a positive attitude. A commander must always be positive in any situation. The Russian winter arrives turning the roads into ice. Soldiers and equipment begin breaking down. Guderian orders one last attack on Moscow but it fails. Guderian then has a private meeting with Hitler who talks to him coldly about the progress of the war.

    The meeting is unproductive. After suffering more casualties, Guderian strategically retreats his forces to a better defensive position for the winter.

    However, this is against Hitlers orders and Guderian is dismissed on Christmas day. Hitler simply says I need you. Guderian has been appointed Inspector General and works with Albert Speer about how to increase tank production. While it seems that everything is back to normal, we learn about Germanys precarious situation and how defeat is inevitable. Guderian begins to meet with Hitler on a more regular basis but each meeting is beyond frustrating as Hitler is loosing his grip on reality.

    While Hitler conjures up insane campaigns Kiev , which Guderian unsuccessfully tries to talk Hitler out of, Guderian still does his job to the best of his ability with what he has to work with.

    Questions arise from others for the need to keep ghting. No battle scenes are needed in this episode.

    Its more of a montage of scenes of Guderian dealing with the incompetence of Hitler and other Nazi leaders. The episode ends with Guderian arguing about the need to evacuate troops from a specic area. There we get a hint of the next episode by meeting Hans, a Tiger Tank Commander. We see how differently things work now for the German army now that are loosing and we see WHY they are loosing. Supply and logistics for Hans tank group is a nightmare as supply lines are stretched to the breaking point.

    The infantry are worn out from years of battle. The German army no longer as the speed it once had as the Tiger tank, although big, is very slow. After an intense battle, with Hans successfully knocking out many tanks, Hans must retreat as well.

    This proves easier said then done as Russian troops surround him with tanks, infantry, and artillery. After a long and painful retreat, Hans and his crew manage to crawl back to the German lines. But they are worn out. May have medium sized creases, scuff marks, very small stain, etc. Complete and very useable. Fair Very well used, but complete and useable. May have flaws such as tears, pen marks or highlighting, large creases, stains, marks, a loose map, etc.

    Poor Extremely well used and has major flaws, which may be too numerous to mention.

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