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See inset map below. WINSTON-. SALEM. SEATTLE. SAN FRANCISCO. BATTLE. CREEK. BOULDER. CHARLOTTESVILLE. WILLIAMSBURG. CORVALLIS. Parallel to I, (the Interstate 55) the legendary Route 66 began its run right here . It cut through the state Missouri Route 66 legend - and the Big Cut area of the Mother Road. It used to be .. the map seems assured. With all the stone. These route 66 maps have been created using Google Maps. Within each map the route has been sub-divided into sections to allow you to focus on one chunk.

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Route 66 Map Pdf

UPDATE! March This map has been updated again to allow easy editing. Corrections and additions were made. Colors were changed to match standard. Route The thesis will go through a short history of the route, how it shaped the . American tourism places significant to Route 66 and culturally important to American history. Due to the vastness .. Map of Planned Route. (Google Maps). Route 66 map: Many maps, old and new, google map, historic Route 66 map and USGS maps. An altimetric map with heights and a Tornado.

Home Blog. Here on our " Route 66 Map Page " you will find links to all kinds of maps: Historic Route 66 map for each town , an altimetric map showing the heights along US Google maps showing its alignment and Maps of each town and Maps of each state along Route We also include a tornado frequency map and Weather Maps , and many more maps so that you can plan your Road Trip vacations. These maps are color coded to show the Historic Route 66 maps: We also show where the freeways overlap the original roadbed and some older roads that predate the Mother Road. Get your bearings with our Google Map of Route Though it is not a map, it has plenty of information on the altitude of Route 66 as it crosses the US from Chicago to Santa Monica: We have a map for each town, city and village along route Select the town below and click to see its map of Route States from East to West, towns also. Click on the " Map " link at the top of each page to see the town's map,. See our Tornado Frequency Map along Route

No matter when you plan to set out on Route 66, plan ahead with the expectation that you will experience a range of temperatures and climates. There is of course no correct way to do a road trip, not even an epic one like Route I would first base this decision on logistics e. For example, we drove it eastbound from California to Chicago as we were based near San Francisco and it logistically made the most sense to start there. However, if you have no logistical issues making you lean one way or the other, I would choose to drive Route 66 westward, from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, CA.

This is the traditional way that Route 66 was originally developed and it also follows the westward expansion of the entire country. Is Route 66 Signposted? Not really. There are some Historical Route 66 signs in some states, but not in others. Some towns have taken upon themselves to put up Route 66 signs to help guide drivers.

Since the route was decommissioned in , the signs were removed and the route was removed from official maps. The road is also no longer contiguous as parts of the old Route 66 are now closed, deteriorated, or paved over. Some states have kept the 66 designation for parts of the highway, but only as state roads.

Maps of Route 66

Good news is that as time goes on, more signs are being put up along the route to denote the Historical Route 66 and some maps are including parts of Route 66 as a tourist or scenic highway.

However, these sorts of signs and denotations are not consistent along the route, and are sometimes conflicting and confusing, so the best way to find the route and stick to it is with the help of a good guidebook or Route 66 specific map. Most GPS units will not be able to follow Route 66 although we found ours useful to figure out which road we were on. We did not use them during our trip. It is up to you how faithful you want to be in keeping to the original route as most people skip over sections to save time and hop on the Interstate, whereas others try to be as faithful as possible.

For instance, there are many times when you can actually see the interstate from historic Route 66 and you are simply traveling alongside it on a slower local road. Note that a few sections of Route 66 are not in great driving shape, may run onto private land, or may be impassable in bad weather conditions so keep this in mind and just drive safely. Guidebooks will often warn you about these sections and provide helpful advice.

Route 66 is not a dead end! This really depends on how much you want to see, how much time you are willing to drive each day, and how faithful you want to be to the historical Route Also you will need to account for any detours you plan to make which can take up a lot of time e.

Four weeks seems to be the recommended amount of time to drive the route faithfully at a fairly leisurely pace and have time to do all the stops. So many people drive Route 66 multiple times in their lives as the route seems to have an appeal that pulls you back again since it is always changing.

For those wanting to do the full road trip from Chicago to Los Angeles but are not so concerned about faithfulness to the route and just want to be sure to hit the highlights of Route 66 can do the drive in less time.

You can actually get from Chicago to Los Angeles via Interstates along the route with about 48 hours worth of driving or less. Our summer Route 66 road trip lasted 18 days but we spent 1 night in Page, AZ, 2 nights at the Grand Canyon, and an extra day or so in Albuquerque, NM visiting a friend. So we basically had 14 full days and nights along the route and we drove the route as faithfully as possible, sticking to the existing old sections of Route 66 and not getting onto the Interstate unless there was no alternative.

We stopped at just about all of the notable attractions, visited most of the Route 66 related museums, and made a countless number of stops to take a photo or take a look at vintage signs, motels, abandoned drive-in theaters, etc.

We also made a few minor side trips along the route. It was a great road trip and we saw so much, but we drove a lot most days and never had time to spend more than one night in any place. So yes it is possible to do a Route 66 road trip in 2 weeks, drive the route faithfully, and visit most of the attractions along the way, but it means a quick pace and long days of driving.

Route the historic route from Chicago to L.A. | ROAD TRIP USA

Most people who travel on Route 66 do not travel the full route. If you have limited time, I would choose a section that fits in with your interests e. In Arizona, you might want to make a pitstop at Wild West Junction in Williams, Arizona and stroll thorough Oatman, Arizona which was a true Old West mining town and now holds Old West shows in the middle of the street in the summer. This was the end and most dangerous section for most drivers of historic Route 66 as water was scarce, distances long, and old cars could easily overheat in the desert heat.

The route obviously begins in Chicago but Springfield, Missouri is considered the official birthplace of Route 66 there is a plaque in Park Central Square as this was where the meeting was held where Route 66 was officially designated as such. Oklahoma also factors heavily into the creation of Route The Father of Route 66, Oklahoma state highway official Cyrus Avery, is the reason that Route 66 had its longest stretch in Oklahoma there is actually no reason the Route needs to run through Oklahoma at all!

The Texas to Arizona section probably most resembles the actual landscape in the film. I would suggest from talking to other travelers that Arizona best fits their picture of Route 66 based on the film.

If you want to see the actual tow truck that inspired Tow Mater, add Galena, Kansas to your itinerary. This will allow you to explore the Route 66 cities of Chicago, St. Louis stretch as well as the final stretch as you near Santa Monica and Los Angeles which are the two main areas where traffic can get heavy and slow.

Any section you choose in between will have few large cities. Many people driving Route 66 detour around the larger cities and often you can just hop on the interstate to get through them quickly or take a beltway to loop around them. The whole stretch from the Mojave Desert in California through Texas has some great desert and Western landscapes. Drive-in Movie Theaters: Most of the operational drive-in theaters along Route 66 are in the earlier part of the route between Illinois and Oklahoma, but a few are still up-and-running across the route along with a number of now abandoned ones.

Do check ahead before you plan to see a film as drive-in theaters seem to close down and also open a lot without much warning; most are also only open during the Spring and Summer months.

Maps of Route 66

Here is a very partial list of some of the more quirky roadside attractions in each state so you can have an idea of which state s might be must-see for your Route 66 road trip depending on your interests. Edward Fitzgerald Beale , a Naval officer in the service of the U.

Army Corps of Topographical Engineers , was ordered by the War Department to build a government-funded wagon road along the 35th Parallel.

His secondary orders were to test the feasibility of the use of camels as pack animals in the southwestern desert. The paved road becomes a dirt road, south of Cajon, which was also the original Route The Lone Star Route passed through St. Again, a shorter route was taken, here following the Postal Highway between Oklahoma City and Amarillo.

Highways , although it was not completely paved until Avery was adamant that the highway have a round number and had proposed number 60 to identify it.

Highway 66 Association to promote the complete paving of the highway from end to end and to promote travel down the highway. In , in Tulsa, the association was officially established with John T. Woodruff of Springfield, Missouri, elected the first president. The U. Highway 66 Association also placed its first advertisement in the July 16, , issue of the Saturday Evening Post. Highway 66 Association office in Oklahoma received hundreds of requests for information after the ad was published.

Traffic grew on the highway because of the geography through which it passed. Much of the highway was essentially flat and this made the highway a popular truck route. The Dust Bowl of the s saw many farming families, mainly from Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, and Texas, heading west for agricultural jobs in California. During the Depression, it gave some relief to communities located on the highway. The route passed through numerous small towns and, with the growing traffic on the highway, helped create the rise of mom-and-pop businesses , such as service stations , restaurants , and motor courts , all readily accessible to passing motorists.

Due to the efforts of the U. Several places were dangerous: more than one part of the highway was nicknamed "Bloody 66" and gradually work was done to realign these segments to remove dangerous curves.

However, one section through the Black Mountains outside Oatman, Arizona , was fraught with hairpin turns and was the steepest along the entire route, so much so that some early travelers, too frightened at the prospect of driving such a potentially dangerous road, hired locals to navigate the winding grade. Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri was located near the highway, which was locally upgraded quickly to a divided highway to help with military traffic.

The road passed through the Painted Desert and near the Grand Canyon. Meteor Crater in Arizona was another popular stop. This sharp increase in tourism in turn gave rise to a burgeoning trade in all manner of roadside attractions, including teepee - shaped motels , frozen custard stands, Indian curio shops, and reptile farms.

Meramec Caverns near St.

U.S. Route 66

Louis , began advertising on barns, billing itself as the " Jesse James hideout". The Big Texan advertised a free ounce 2.

It also marked the birth of the fast-food industry: Red's Giant Hamburg in Springfield, Missouri , site of the first drive-through restaurant, and the first McDonald's in San Bernardino, California.

Changes like these to the landscape further cemented 66's reputation as a near-perfect microcosm of the culture of America, now linked by the automobile. In , between the Illinois cities of Springfield and East St. In , this route was changed and the original alignment was never viewed as anything more than temporary.

In , a straighter cut-off route was completed from west of El Reno to one mile 1. In , a straight-line route was completed from west of Santa Rosa through Moriarty and east—west through Albuquerque and west to Laguna. This newer routing saved travelers as much as four hours of travel through New Mexico. According to legend, the rerouting was done at the behest of Democratic Governor Arthur T.

In some cases, such as to the east of St.

Louis, this was done as soon as the Interstate was finished to the next exit. Some of those cities included Springfield, Illinois ; St.

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