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    Maternal and Child Health Nursing involves care of the woman and family throughout pregnancy and child birth and the health promotion and illness care. Prevention of childhood diseases. Participants: – Obstetrics-gynecologist. – GP. – Neonatologist. – Pediatrician. – Mother and child health care nurses. – Staff of. PDF | On Jun 1, , Kim Clark and others published Maternal and child health nursing services: perspectives of parents.

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    Maternal Child Health Nursing Pdf

    Download full-text PDF .. Chapter 7 Maternal and child health Anjali Singh, Sanjay .. of at least 23 health workers (doctors, nurses, and midwives). Maternal-Child Health (MCH) Nurse Leadership. Academy: Developing Leaders. Cynthia Vlasich, MBA, BSN, RN. Director, Global Initiatives, Sigma Theta Tau. Identify the goals and philosophy of maternal and child health nursing. 2. Describe the evolution, scope, and professional roles for nurses in maternal and.

    Maternal and Child Health Nursing involves care of the woman and family throughout pregnancy and child birth and the health promotion and illness care for the children and families. Primary Goal of MCN 1The promotion and maintenance of optimal family health to ensure cycles of optimal childbearing and child rearing 1. Ovaries o o o o o. Uterine Wall 1Endometrial layer: Vagina 5Acts as organ of copulation 6Conveys sperm to the cervix 7Expands to serve as birth canal 8Wall contains many folds or rugae making it very elastic Fornices — uterine end of the vagina; serve as a place for pooling of semen following coitus.

    The nurse could endanger the child by delaying the intervention until another nurse is available. Transfer to another unit delays needed treatment and would create unnecessary disruption for the child and family.


    The mother of a 5-year-old female inpatient on the pediatric unit asks the nurse if she could provide information regarding the recommended amount of television viewing time for her daughter. The nurse responds that the appropriate amount of time a child should be watching television is a. The other options all contain more screen time than is recommended. Family-centered care FCC describes safe, quality care that recognizes and adapts to both the physical and psychosocial needs of the family.

    Which nursing practice coincides with the principles of FCC? The newborn is returned to the nursery at night so that the mother can receive adequate rest before discharge.

    The father is encouraged to go home after the baby is delivered. All patients are routinely placed on the fetal monitor. ANS: D Family-centered care increases the responsibilities of nurses. In addition to the physical care provided, nurses assume a major role in teaching, counseling, and supporting families. The other options do not provide family-centered care because they increase family separation or use technology routinely, which may not be needed. Which statement related to nursing care of the child at home is most correct?

    The technology-dependent infant can safely be cared for at home. Home care increases readmissions to the hospital for a child with chronic conditions. There is increased stress for the family when a sick child is being cared for at home.

    The family of the child with a chronic condition is likely to be separated from their support system if the child is cared for at home. ANS: A Greater numbers of technology-dependent infants and children are now cared for at home. The numbers include those needing ventilator assistance, total parenteral nutrition, IV medications, apnea monitoring, and other device-assisted nursing care. Optimal home care can reduce the rate of readmission to the hospital for children with chronic conditions.

    [PDF] Maternal and Child Health Nursing: Care of the Childbearing and Childrearing Family Popular

    Consumers often prefer home care because of the decreased stress on the family when the patient is able to remain at home. When the child is cared for at home the family is less likely to be separated from their support system because of the need for hospitalization. Maternity nursing care that is based on knowledge gained through research is known as a. ANS: B Evidence-based practice is based on knowledge gained from research and clinical trials. Nurse-sensitive indicators are patient care outcomes particularly dependent on the quality and quantity of nursing care provided.

    Case management is a practice model that uses a systematic approach to identify specific patients, determine eligibility for care, and arrange access to services. The determination to lower health care costs while maintaining the quality of care has led to a clinical practice model known as outcomes management.

    The level of practice a reasonably prudent nurse provides is called a. ANS: A Guidelines for standards of care are published by various professional nursing organizations.

    The Society of Pediatric Nurses is the primary specialty organization that sets standards for the pediatric nurse. Risk management identifies risks and establishes preventive practices, but it does not define the standard of care. Sentinel events and failure to rescue can be caused by not practicing up to standards of care, but they do not define it.

    When counseling the newly pregnant woman regarding the option of using a free-standing birth center for care, the nurse should be aware that this type of care setting includes which advantages? Select all that apply. Less expensive than acute-care hospitals b. Access to follow-up care for 6 weeks postpartum c.

    Equipped for obstetric emergencies d. Safe, home-like births in a familiar setting e. Staffing by lay midwives ANS: A, B, D Women who are at low risk and desire a safe, home-like birth are very satisfied with this type of care setting. The new mother may return to the birth center for postpartum follow-up care, breastfeeding assistance, and family planning information for 6 weeks postpartum.

    Because birth centers do not incorporate advanced technologies into their services, costs are significantly less than those for a hospital setting. The major disadvantage of this care setting is that these facilities are not equipped to handle obstetric emergencies. Should unforeseen difficulties occur, the woman must be transported by ambulance to the nearest hospital.

    Maternal and child health nursing care of the childbearing and child…

    Birth centers are usually staffed by certified nurse-midwives CNMs ; however, in some states lay midwives may provide this service. A school nurse is working with unlicensed assistive personnel UAPs.

    What aspects of delegation should the nurse incorporate into his or her practice in this setting?

    The registered nurse is always responsible for assessment. Uncomplicated medication administration can be performed by the UAP. The nurse does not need to supervise UAPs in this setting. The nurse must work within school district policies when delegating.

    Medication administration by the UAP may be allowed. A student nurse has been studying Healthy People What information about this initiative does the student understand? It is a new agenda for health care and research priorities. None of the priorities in this document pertains to pregnant women or children. Objectives are aimed at keeping people healthy with a good quality of life. Morning sickness 2nausea and vomiting in the 1st trimester due to HCG or due to increased acidity or emotional 3Management: dry toast 30 mins before get up in AM b.

    Hemorrhoids 1due pressure of enlarged uterus 2Management: cold compress with witch hazel and Epsom salts e. Heartburn 1due to increased progesterone and decreased gastric motility causing regurgitation through gastric 2Management: pats off butter before meals avoid fried, fatty foods sips of milk at intervals small, frequent meals taken slowly dont bend on waist take antacids milk of magnesia 3. Respiratory Changes due to inc.

    Urinary Changes felt during the 1st trimester due to the increase blood supply to the kidneys and then on the 3rd trimester due to pressure on the bladder.

    Decreased renal threshold for sugar due to increased production of glucocorticoids which cause lactose and dextrose to spill into the urine; and inc. Musculoskeletal changes 1due to need to change center of gravity result to lordotic position b. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No.

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    Care of the Childbearing and Childrearing Family Download file 1. Care of the Childbearing and Childrearing Family Download file 2. Book details Author: Adele Pillitteri Pages: Springhouse Publishing Co ,U. English ISBN

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